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Photo: Sharon Torello

Recent history has reminded us that the most difficult challenges can pave the way for opportunities of great creativity. Such is the genesis of Kairos Trio, the latest ensemble to join the flourishing Philadelphia chamber music scene. A piano trio comprised of pianist Kasia Marzec-Salwinski, violinist Tom DiSarlo and cellist Talia Schiff, this ensemble sprouted from the ashes of three established music careers that were, like so many others, shattered by the pandemic. Upon their first playing session they knew immediately that this was an ensemble that was meant to be. The players, whose combined careers have encompassed the performance of nearly every genre of music, bring to this new venture the collective knowledge from their past musical experiences fueled by a rekindled passion to share their creative output. Delving into both the great warhorses of the piano trio literature as well as discovering lesser-known works and bringing them to the fore, the members of Kairos Trio are thrilled to be back in the performance arena and look forward to sharing their special musical insights with fellow music lovers. The name “Kairos” derives from ancient Greek referring to something whose time has come. Clearly, the time has come for this new ensemble!

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